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  • Creating your own wine labels can be a fun and creative process. Design concept: Determine the theme, style and message you want your wine label to convey. Consider your wine name, wine type, any artwork or images you want to include, fonts, colors and text.


  • Wine Label Stickers typically include a range of information that helps identify, describe and promote wine. Here's what's commonly found on wine label stickers:


  • Self-adhesive stickers are very widely used in the advertising industry as a variety of advertising materials, which are widely used in signboards, body wide computer cutting cabinet display board production and other aspects. Self-adhesive sticker labels have the characteristics of strong color retention and uniform color, good weather resistance and pollution resistance, excellent shrinkage resistance, and a service life of more than three years. It is a cost-effective method of ordinary facade decoration.


  • At present, the main channels for the decoration of hoses include direct printing and self-adhesive labels. Among them, direct printing includes screen printing and offset printing. However, compared with the way of self-adhesive labels, the use of self-adhesive labels It has the following two advantages.


  • Among the printing methods of web self-adhesive materials, at present, letterpress printing accounts for 97%, silk screen printing accounts for 1%, offset printing accounts for 1%, and flexo printing accounts for 1%. Due to the use of web printing and processing, all processes are completed on one machine, so the production efficiency is high, the consumption is low, and the cost is low.


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