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The application of self-adhesive labels in tube packaging has two major advantages


At present, the main channels for the decoration of hoses include direct printing and self-adhesive labels. 

Among them, direct printing includes screen printing and offset printing.

However, compared with the way of self-adhesive labels, the use of self-adhesive labelsIt has the following two advantages:

1. Printing diversity and stability:

The traditional extruded hose production process before printing usually uses offset printing and silk screen printing, and self-adhesive label printing can be diversified by letterpress, flexo, offset printing, silk screen, bronzing, etc.

The combination of printing process, the difficult color performance is more stable and excellent.(Barcode Label)

2. Reduce inventory costs and risks:

The customer's demand for faster delivery time drives hose manufacturers to improve production efficiency.

When direct printing, it is necessary to inventory finished hoses, which is more costly.

The delivery cycle of self-adhesive labels is shorter, and only bare tubes need to be stocked, which can reduce the risk of out-of-stocks.(Barcode Label)