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The widespread use of self-adhesive stickers in the advertising industry.

Adhesive Labels are very widely used in the advertising industry as a variety of advertising materials, which are widely used in signboards, body wide computer cutting cabinet display board production and other aspects. Adhesive labels have the characteristics of strong color retention and uniform color, good weather resistance and pollution resistance, excellent shrinkage resistance, and a service life of more than three years. It is a cost-effective method of ordinary facade decoration.

Electronic and electrical labels for electronic and electrical industry: All kinds of electrical appliances are affixed with durable sticker labels, and the label unit area is large and the number is large. In addition, Adhesive Labels are widely used as industry labels that sell well.

With the development of labeling skills, there are a variety of labeling equipment on the market, and enterprises can choose according to their needs. According to the label raw materials, it can be divided into hot melt glue paste self-adhesive labeling machine. Hot melt adhesive labeling machine is mainly used for plastic label Posting of drinks and other bottled products. It usually only posts the labels at the coincidence point, and the labeling speed is fast and the efficiency is high. Paste labeling machine is more used for pasting paper labels, it uses brush paste device for pasting work. Self-adhesive labeling machine is the selection of self-adhesive labeling, a wide range of application, labeling quality is also high.


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